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JO2 is a L2 Blockchain network bulit to remove the complexity of Web3 products and services to optimized for protocal growth.

Why J2O ?

JO2 enables a world of Web3 and other new business models


Easy blockchain innovation JO2 create a custom L2 Blockchain using the graphnode framework for easy interoperability.


JO2 delivers extremely fast experiences with low costs.


  • Evm compatible
  • Customizable
  • Interoperable
Build on J2O

Build brand new apps and protocol,see the get started guide and more

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JO2 an open platform results in the numbers mentioned below.

ValidatorsEOA to EOAERC20ERC721 minting
Total transactions100,00050,00050,000
Total blocks used533
Transcation per day1,734,912,000648,000,000648,000,000

Our Services

J2O wallet API

เริ่มต้น 1000 JFIN ต่อเดือน

  • รองรับ 231 Wallets
  • 10 Requests / Sec
  • Unlimited Request

JFIN Layer 2 Service

เดือนละ 10,000 JFIN

  • 1 Validator Node
  • 1 Archive Node
  • Explorer + Graph Node

SLA 24/7 By Tokenine

Our Partners

  • tvpool
  • metapolis
  • Bitqik
  • Vfun

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